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It was different. All the past years have united and manifested many years of our creativity at that very moment, on the stage of the Serbia Hair Fair. It was combination of duality. Balance - futurism and classics, but not quite ordinary classics, expressed through a variety of texture and haircut shape; asymmetry and sophisticated straight cuts. Colors prevailed. Bright colors would accentuate certain sections of hair, the ones we wanted to highlight. This time the focus was on pastel shades, gentler tones, brighter colors. We were always pushing the boundaries. We were different from others. So it has been all these years.

Director and video: Nikola Živanović


We wanted to do our best. We wanted to be realistic to ourselves, to be honest, clear and straightforward. We wanted to take it a step further. And won or not, we wanted be proud to ourselves. And that was actually that moment. We became aware of who we were and where we are now. And it didn't matter where we went next. We knew that wherever we went, the Aleksanadr team would be on the right way. Because that's what we were and what we are - a team of professionals, a team of creatives, a team of friends who defied time and, above all, survived.

Director and video: Nikola Živanović



We wanted to try and change, shape and color hair differently. And we made it. A new collection of hairstyles for the year 2018/2019 was produced, accompanied by two stories about hairstyles that were expressed in the form of explosive vivid colors and shapes. We created a new style of freedom inspired by the creative expression of all the incredible people who took part in this project and with whom we are revived the hidden power of Alter Ego in all of us, on "Your Stage"!

YOUR STAGE  " The hidden power of your Alter Ego " 2018 / 2019

Director and video: 
Nikola Živanović

YOUR STAGE - Promo Video

Story continued on 14th of October, in second “Touch of Paris” seminar in Belgrade Fair Hall. "The hidden power of your alter ego" rise even further through another powerful performance by our team, followed by creativity of live colors and shapes, and with confidence of those, again, on “Your Stage” carried this on right way.

Director and Video: Nikola Živanović


YOUR STAGE - Promo Video

On May 13, 2018, in the Cultural Center Vlada Divljan, at its 50th anniversary, seminar "Belgrade GatHairing", one story began followed by play of colors, style and freedom of creative expression. We created "Your stage" with the slogan that brought the entire story and presented it in the most original possible way "The hidden power of your alter ego".

Director and Video: Nikola Živanović



They are outside of any pattern. They are rebels. They are ladies. They're wild. They are their own. Unique. Original. They are a prototype - a woman of the future. They are ready to demonstrate to all mankind that every being needs to proudly wear its indifference and representitself firmly, stand in its shoes, either through a way of dressing, a form of haircut, or a hair color. Because that's what makes them perfect. Because they deserve it.

INSPIRED BY ME  " Your personality has a color " summer / fall 2017


The year is 2017. The expansion of massive coloring of hair, hairstyles, changing trends, and the manifestation of both female and male hair styles, without any prejudice, experienced the highest possible level of existence. What they brought about in the 1920s and which once could be called rebellious attitude of the courageous, brave and bold women who, through the coloring and shaping of their hair, expressed their style, character, their inner self, and today in the new millennium fortified by members of a more gentle gender without pardon, I can call the bearers of a new form of futurism.

INSPIRED BY ME  " Your personality has a color " summer / fall 2017


Aleksandar Team seminar at the Belgrade Fair, at the UNITECH stand, as a part of Touch of Paris (Dodir Pariza) manifestation. We’ve shown new hairstyles that pretend to be the trends in 2016/2017. In two weeks, over twenty models were preparing for the seminar and later photo shooting, and on this video you can see the part of the atmosphere that surrounded us during that time.

Director and Video: Vojin Ivkov

Making of new collection - Dokumentarni Video

New and fresh ideas, interesting hairstyles and London trends for 2016. Preparing a new collection and photographing the models in Nenad Marjanovic studio.
We are ready, and you?

Photo: Nenad Marjanović
Director and video: Vojin Ivkov
MUA: Jelena Maćić
Hairstyle: Aleksandar team

Aleksandar team - PROMO VIDEO

During preparations for IN A MINUTE collection, we managed to make some video material that we are proud to present it to you. Thanks to ourexpertise and great experience, a complete collection was realized within two days, and over 10 hairdressers, makeup artist, stylists, two photographers and cameramen participated in the preparation.As a result, over 30 models came out of the salon and were presented at the hair fair in the Expo Center.
See how it all looked.

Aleksandar team - Dokumentarni Video

Working on and preparing seminars or presentations, or preparing models for a show and photo shooting, is very stressful and exhausting job, limited by time and resources. In order for everything to be finished as planned, beside great experience and good timing, you’re in need of a great well played team. Through this documentary, we show you the atmosphere during realization of such a project and the way we do it.