YOUR STAGE SEMINAR @Belgradegathairing 2018

At jubilee 50th seminar!

On 13th of May 2018, after multitudes of seminars, I’ve attended my 50th career seminar, @Belgradegathairing, in Vlada Divljan Cultural Centre, and for the first time in my life I’ve felt what serious theater scene represents and on which way that scene express art in any scenic form.

Only then I realized sheer size of my responsibility toward the audience that expects a good “theater piece”. I will always remember so much invested effort, days and days of organizing the event, stage fright and one big anticipation of “raising the stage curtains”. 

It was worth it.

In the end I will remember standing ovations from the audience, as well as my satisfied smile in that moment.


I would like to thank the organizer Dejan Kostić for giving us this opportunity, and to the companies Unitech and Alterego who supported our performance.

Some of the comments we received after the seminar:

I need to say that you performed for A+! Congratulations to all, but especially to Aleksandar Sretenović, for his fanaticism. Crazy man!
– Dejan Jova Jović

You’ve moved all the boundaries. You’re the best. Your work motivates us to be better and to keep learning. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.
– Dragana Arnaut

You are always on the top of your game, your level is Vivienne Westwood. I would love to see combinations of her fashion creations and your hair creations.
– Mirjana Lazarević

Good job maestro. You impressed the audience. Congratulations.
– Pece-Cool

You rock!
– Miljan Matić

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Aleksandar Sretenović
Sergej Sretenović
Marko Atanasovski
Ivana Krišan
Tijana Ilić
Jelena Cvetić
Saša Sarić
Kristina Marković
Aleksandsra Tintor
Kristina Matijašević

Ana Aćimović

Tatjana Živanović
Miljana Milović
Sara Delić
Nina Hejd
Maria Radivojević
Isidra Garčević
Marina Stanić
Anka Dumić
Alessandro Degu
Assad Lk
Annie Rose
Jelena Nešić
Jovana Krstanović
Maja Mladenović
Ivana Manojlović
Tijana Vimić
Ivana Dragić
Slavica Pavlović

Vojin Ivkov
Stefan Ćulafić
Nikola Živanović
Jovana Golubović

Video and art director 
Nikola Živanović