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Bulevar despota Stefana - Aleksandar team

Despot Stefan Boulevard 34 (Formerly known as November 29thstreet), a true oasis of hairdressing paradise. Aleksandar Team salon is located between Orao (eagle) restaurant and café Brod (ship), at the city center, in Dorćol (old Turkish word for crossroad) municipality. Salon is on this location for more than 10 years, even thou Aleksandar Team exits far longer, and it was operating od different locations in its history.

Today salon has 9 work areas and seats for customers, two shampooing areas, toilet, kitchen, reception and part for receiving clients, where they can rest and wait before we start working with them. Within the premises there is a summer garden where, in a pleasant atmosphere and with a cup of coffee, our customers can rest and consult with their hairdressers. Aleksandar Team Academy operates in this premises, in the morning hours, and you can find out more about Academy on these pages!

Hairdressing salon - Aleksandar team

Salon is completely renovated and technically upgraded, at the level of world’s best salons. The premises are fully equipped with audio / video equipment, cameras, and air conditioners. Each workplace has its own screen for your entertainment, the area is covered with high speed Wi-Fi internet. Large number of hairdressing and information catalogs are available for you.

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At any given time there are over 10 top hairdresser at your disposal, available for consultation, hair cutting, hair dyeing and tinting, styling, washing as well as for any other occasions in which your hair needs special treatment.

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