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Aleksandar team hairdressing salon - 20 years of existence!

Aleksandar team

After more than 20 years of existence on the market, Aleksandar Team,with its expertise and unique approach to the hairdressing profession, distinguished itself as the most recognizable domestic brand in the hairstyles and fashion. By using professional approach with the needs and demands of the market for quality service and consulting, Aleksandar Team always sets new standards, and brings the fashion and trends of the west to Belgrade. From the very beginning, Aleksandar Team with its quality and work concept represented the inevitable point of fashion trends.

Who we are 

A team of young and urban experts will make your every visit to be an adventure. Always up to-date and informed, they will help you to follow the most recent world trends. They will advise you how to get the maximum out of your hair and how to fully enjoy it. In addition to high-quality services, which can be compared to the large world teams, we will infuse you with energetic and cheerful mood, and make your stay in the Aleksandar Team a unique experience.



Since the beginning Aleksandar Team, with its quality and concept, was unavoidable point of fashion trends. The key to the success lies in very specific combination of art, science and fashion, and basic postulate of their psychological approach to business are constant research and improvement in the field of hairdressing.

Aleksandar Academy

Aleksandar team created an educational system based on successful educational programs, which has been conducted for years in the salon, in the form of training by team members and with the constant assistance of foreign associates. Aleksandar Team is aware that top results are possible only by constantly working, continuously improving themselves and with huge motivation. There are the basics on which Academy is found.


Hairdressing salon

Aleksandar Team hair salon is located in Despot Stefan Boulevard 39 (Bulevar Despota Stefana br. 39), next to the Orao famous Belgrade restaurant. The salon is completely renovated and redesigned in 2015. It has seven work areas and seats for customers, two shampooing areas, a part for receiving and treating customers, as well as a big summer garden. The salon is fully equipped with audio / video equipment, so each workplace has its own independent screen. The space is fully air-conditioned, and for the client there is always a hot beverage.


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Key to our success lies in very specific combination of art, science and fashion, and our basic approach to business is constant research and improvement in the field of professional hairdressing craft. Basic postulate is based on efficient and constant education of all permanent staff members of Aleksandar Team, and providing according top-class service to our customer profiles and wishes.


Aleksandar team - PROMO VIDEO

During preparations for IN A MINUTE collection, we managed to make some video material that we are proud to present it to you. Thanks to ourexpertise and great experience, a complete collection was realized within two days, and over 10 hairdressers, makeup artist, stylists, two photographers and cameramen participated in the preparation.As a result, over 30 models came out of the salon and were presented at the hair fair in the Expo Center. See how it all looked.

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Owner and Senior Hairdresser

Aleksandar Sretenović

Aleksandar Sretenović, founder and owner of the Aleksandar Team and Aleksandar Team Academy, sailed into the hairdressing waters in 1989. He went to the Belgrade Club of Hairdressers in 1995, and that the same year he won 3rd place at the state competition, and in the following year he opens his first salon.

In 1997, he becomes Champion of Yugoslavia,and travels first time to the London, which presents turning point in his philosophy of hairdressing. Since then, serious education of the hairdressing staff has begun, and to date, more than 50 seminars have been conducted under the wing of Aleksandar Team.

Former team members and students of Aleksandar Team, have opened up over 15 successful salons. In 2004 Aleksandar founded Aleksandar Team Academy with the aim of raising his salon on a new level. 

  • Mail haircut
  • Female haircut
  • Academy
  • Hair coloring
  • Hairdrying & Hair washing
Senior Hairdresser

Sergej Sretenović

Sergej is a part of the team from the very beginning.

For years I have gained a lot of valuable experience by working in a salon, as well as participating in seminars and competition work. With my work I try to please every customer, and in some way make a brand out of them, recognizable and unique.

I like to be ahead of time, and the inspiration for that is London, which I adapt to Belgrade.

P.S. Sergej is being careful and creates hairstyles that customers can easily take care of!

He named collection IN A MINUTE, and that says a lot about his work! 

  • Mail haircut
  • Female haircut
  • Academy
  • Hair coloring
  • Hairdrying & Hair washing

Aleksandar team - Documentary Video

Working on and preparing seminars or presentations, or preparing models for a show and photo shooting, is very stressful and exhausting job, limited by time and resources. In order for everything to be finished as planned, beside great experience and good timing, you’re in need of a great well played team. Through this documentary, we show you the atmosphere during realization of such a project and the way we do it.