Basic course

Choose Basic haircutting or hair dyeing course on Aleksandar team Academy

You can be a professional hairdresser and hair stylist!

USE PROMO 200 EURO DISCOUNT FOR ENROLLING IN ALEKSANDAR TEAM ACADEMY! Price with a 200 euro discount is 1300 euro!

Course lasts for 80 business days, begining on March 2nd 2020.

BASIC KURS lasting up to 80 business days for hairdressers without experience!

BASIC COURSE offers students a complete training for a hairdresser:
- basic steps
- introducing with hair
- washing hair
- hairdrying
- modern and classic haircut techniques
- styling
- dyeing
- highlighting
- streaking hair

Students are constantly educated in terms of work ethics and relationships with customers.

Practical part makes up to 90% of the curriculum, and that’s why Aleksandar Team Academy stands out from the rest in this branch!
BASIC COURSE is intended for students without a hairdressing experience who want to start a hairdressing career in a completely new and innovative way, based on a model of London academies!

We invite all future hairdressers to join us, because HAIRCUTTING and HAIR DYEING must be perfect, as you can see by viewing our gallery!

In order to approach haircutting in this manner, you need high level of knowledge, skills and hair FEELING!

The course consists of:
- Training five times a week, 3 to 4 hours per day!
- Working in small groups of 3 to 4 students!
- Working on live models, provided by the Academy!
- The initial steps are working on puppets, provided by the Academy!
- Constant surveillance, guidance and corrections by instructors!

Aleksandar Team Academy, existing for 15 years! 15 years of experience and traditions!